I was sitting in my spot this morning, listening to the birds, looking around trying to find the bird that “whoooo’s”

All this time, I thought it was an owl, but Brian told me yesterday it’s probably a morning dove (time of day, location, etc.)

When I thought it was an owl, I’d smile and think of my friend Rebecca who loves owls and this morning, knowing that it’s probably a morning dove, I still thought of Rebecca and smiled.

As I looked around, at some point I realized that this morning, in this context, it actually doesn’t really matter what type of bird it is — that I can just sit and enjoy the song it’s singing, think of my friend Rebecca with love in my heart and be thankful for our friendship.

As an analytical person from a very young age, I like to understand how and why things work the way they do. I like to connect the “singer to the song” but today my lesson was I don’t need to do that in every situation.

Today I can appreciate the song without having to see the singer.