A new dawn and a new day.

Sometimes I feel in control of my day – the logistics, the actions that I need to take that align with my intentions for the day.

And some times my day controls me – usually when emotions are involved.

That was yesterday.

From —
> gratitude – my morning at east end
> to fear – a call with the IRS
> to joy – from a miracle shared with me
> to sadness – not being able to help a loved one

All in a 4 hour span.

Physically and emotionally exhausted which led to a nap for the afternoon and then a very chill rest of my day.

Certainly not my plan for the day.

But I really believe naps are a gift from God and I’m thankful that I was able to appreciate that it did reboot me a bit and allowed me to wake up this morning and cherish this start to my new day.