Journey Team At Recovery Coach Training
Written by Carolyn

Above Board – All Hands on Deck and the Kennebunk Police Department joined Forces with ENSO Recovery to Combat Maine’s Opioid Epidemic by launching the 2nd Kennebunk Recovery Coach Academy on April 23- 26.

Recovery coaches serve as personal guides and mentors for people on their journey of recovery, suggesting strategies and resources to aid in managing the transformative nature of recovery, and empower the recoveree to sustain a productive and fulfilling life.

We were honored to have been extended an invitation for four of Journey’s Team to attend the four-day program.

Sarah Siegel, Lisa Twombly, Sue Dancil and Deborah Train attended the 4 day intensive training and became CCAR Certified Recovery Coaches.

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The Journey Team is made up of writers, gatherers, creators and people with a passion to make recovery from addiction visible.