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Samantha Lewandowski, MS is the assistant director of New Hampshire’s Recovery Friendly Workplace initiative. With a background in community development, she is particularly interested in showcasing how recovery-friendly efforts not only create healthier communities, but also help us build stronger workplaces in the process.

Mary Atwood is a learning & development professional in long-term recovery and a member of the Journey team.

Lisa Twombly is a Holistic Health Practitioner who is creating an online program and community, called Better Off Sober Sisterhood, for women seeking a healthy sober life.

Barbara Sullivan taught middle school in Maine for 25 years where she designed a middle school substance abuse curriculum for grades 6-8. Barbara has presented at professional conferences on the topic of alcoholism as a family disease. She is currently working as a Prevention Specialist for FCD Prevention Works, a division of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation.