Member Directory

Bruce Campbell, LCSW, is executive director of the Bangor Area Recovery Network and has been in recovery since 1984.

Liz Woodbury is a freelance writer from Portland.

Robyn Wiley is an author, strategic intervention life coach and reiki master teacher.

Courtney Naliboff lives, writes, parents and teaches on North Haven island.

Niki Curtis of Portland is a woman in long-term recovery whose passion is to help others and spread positivity. She loves to find creative ways to do that, including writing for Journey.

Catherine Berce is a freelance writer from Portland.

Robert Cabeca demonstrates his joy for life through writing, photography, coaching, technology and making chocolate. http://www.robertcabeca.com

Mary Moskowitz MS CHC is a certified Integrative Health Coach at Mainely
Health and Nutrition. She specializes in thyroid, autoimmune disease and digestive disorders.

David Lee is a career coach with Heart at Work Associates and a workplace relationship consultant. He is the author of the “Dealing with a Difficult Co-Worker: The Courageous Conversations at Work Series.”