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Carolyn Delaney

Founder & Publisher

is the heart and soul behind Journey, an inspiring new magazine devoted entirely to the Recovery Community in Maine.  As founder and publisher, she leads a diverse team of 20 volunteers who are called to take positive actions to combat the current climate surrounding addiction – keeping the content hyper-local by sharing local stories, resources & services.

As a woman in recovery, Carolyn knows firsthand how large the ripple effect one can have on their family and community, and the importance of support throughout the process. With decades of experience in technology leadership which started with Desktop Publishing in the early 90s, Carolyn is able to combine her skills, expertise, and personal experiences to offer a magazine that supports the message that Recovery is possible.

With a grateful heart for how life has blessed her Journey to Recovery, she wants to give hope to those who struggle, and hope to those who love people who struggle. Carolyn and her team’s mission is to shine a light on Recovery, and what freedom from addiction looks like in our state of Maine.  Her vision is to create a platform for celebrating recovery, and amplifying a message of hope, empowerment and connection. Along with others who wish to remain nameless and anonymous, the Journey team is made up of kind, caring and compassionate people what want to make a difference.

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Brian Delaney

is in long term Recovery and has a desire to help bring the humanness back to the story of Addiction & Recovery. He’s working on a series of documentaries that tackle the social concept of the ripple effects of addiction and recovery in the lives of loved ones and across our society. Brian is Journey’s lead photographer and in charge of Distribution.


Alison Webb, MPH, PS-C

a columnist for Journey, is a public health professional with over 20 years’ experience in community outreach and organizing, substance use and overdose prevention, community based substance use recovery supports, and linking community members with healthcare services. Alison is a strong recovery ally in her own community, where she has been a member of the Portland Overdose Task Force, Young People in Recovery, and as a past member of the Board of the Portland Recovery Community Center. She is active in legislative advocacy to increase recovery support services.

Carole Fontaine

is a professional freelance graphic designer thrilled to join the team to help strategize Social Media, PR and Marketing. She sailed to Maine from Florida last summer where she had been living aboard a sailboat with her husband for 20 years. Carole is a certified Life Coach, and passionate advocate for Health & Wellness. She teaches Meditative Writing, Shakti Dance® Yoga, Reiki and personal growth workshops on women's empowerment. She is working on a book series sharing adventures, inspiring lessons, and self-mastery tools to help people navigate life’s challenges. Her life’s mission is to inspire through Arts and inspire Hearts, making this a perfect collaboration.

David Lee - gray background

David Lee

David Lee is a career coach with Heart at Work Associates, where he specializes in helping people explore changing careers and discovering the work they were meant to do. He is also the founder of HumanNature@Work, a consulting and training firm focused on helping leaders create more human-friendly—and therefore more productive—workplaces with a special focus on creating strong, respectful, collaborative relationships.

David has also been involved in the stress and resilience field for over 30 years, and has presented on this topic at conferences throughout North America and Australia. His program Becoming Resilient has been aired on public radio in New England.

David has written over 100 articles and book chapters on topics related to personal and organizational performance, and most recently, authored the book Dealing with a Difficult Co-Worker, which is the first volume of the Courageous Conversations at Work series.

Deborah Train

a columnist for Journey, is the owner of Everyday Inspired Life, is an International Coaching Federation certified professional coach and holds her BFA/Edu. from the University of Southern Maine. She is currently working towards her Recovery Coaching certification and is a co-founder of the BiCoastal Retreat movement, which leads people, unplugged from technology for one to two weeks, in downeast Maine. Deborah infuses a holistic and individualized approach, incorporating aspects of positive psychology, transformational coaching, and daily practices for navigating life’s transitions.

kimble greene

Kimble Greene, Ph.D.

is an author, life strategist, and intuitive who has been serving individuals, groups, organizations and communities for over 33 years. Kimble’s column on spirituality helps provide practical, actionable steps to help connect the reader to their souls’ purpose and passion.

Lisa Twombly

is active in the local recovery community. She is passionate about Journey’s mission to amplify hope for those who suffer and struggle with addiction and their families, those in recovery and all who know and celebrate the healing and freedom that recovery brings to people’s lives. Lisa’s primary roles at Journey are Advertising Sales and Business Development, but she gladly wears any hat as needed.


Mary Atwood

started her journey of recovery from alcoholism in 2005. She has also recovered from food addiction, compulsive overeating and co-dependence. Mary has more than thirty years’ professional experience in leading teams, designing and developing learning solutions, group facilitation and project management. She is passionate about working one-on-one with others in recovery to provide support, direction and insights earned through her own experience. She currently sits on the Crossroads Board of Directors.

Ruth Riddick

a columnist for Journey, is a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach (NYCB) and a Recovery Coach Professional (CCAR). An authorized Recovery Coach Academy© trainer (CART), she has also worked extensively with experiential education modalities such as sociodrama and sociometry. She brings more than 25 years expertise as an educator, together with long-term recovery experience, to her practice as a coach, trainer and mentor at Sobriety Together™. She also serves as ASAP-NYCB Community Outreach, advising peers, providers and the public on the peer recovery profession in New York State.  She has been honored for her work by Caron Treatment Centers, Crossroads of Maine and Irish America Healthcare.


Sarah Kelly

a writer for Journey, is a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach and Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR) Certified Recovery Coach. She trained as an Integrative Health Coach at Duke Integrative Medicine. She holds a Master of Arts in International Communication and a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences with a concentration in Community Mental Health.

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