I didn’t think I was ready.

I didn’t have all my t’s crossed and i’s dotted for an important conversation last night.

Thankfully, spending time with someone who reminded me that by talking it through with her again and again … and again would help me get ready.

She really pushed me to just start … just start talking; just give it a voice and reason things out with her.

It was the right context, the right person, the right time.

I do most things messy, I show up messy, I rarely have things buttoned down to my own expectations and yet, even knowing this for myself, I sometimes still hold back because of the t’s and i’s.

For this mission I’m on – to make recovery from addiction visible, I can’t hold back. I need to take the risks and be visibly messy (at times in context, in time and with a chosen person) to move forward.

Grateful I have people around to challenge me, hold space for me, help separate the noise from the message as best we can.

Today’s a new day to again, step into some unknowns in order to move our mission forward.