Found my bench later than usual today. We lost power last night and it hasn’t been restored yet

I missed the sunrise but I have a personal challenge for myself going on – to sit, breathe and pray on all the benches on the East End; so I take a picture of the one I’m on when I write so I know which ones I’ve done

I don’t know how many there are but do know there’s a lot.

At some point I’ll count them and organize myself so I’ll know when I’ve succeeded but for now it seems to be good enough to know the direction I’m headed, that there’s plenty for me to do and that there are many benefits to me in creating this little challenge:

> It gets me to a favorite place in Portland every day, a place I feel connected to a source way more powerful than me
> It gets me sitting, breathing and praying every day
> It gets me writing every day

These actions fill my cup so I can continue on doing the work that I’ve been given to do

Producing content that amplifies hope that we can and do recover