our sabbath – a day of rest, recharge or reconnect

whatever is needed to add some goodness to my ‘tank’ – sometimes it’s pulling the shades and spending a whole entire day watching disney movies and eating popcorn

sometimes it’s putting the finishing touches on an “almost done” project in our home so we can check it off our list

sometimes it’s hanging out with a friend on east end under the shade of a tree

in my very early recovery, having someone to check in with first thing in the morning was SO important to start the day rooted and grounded in recovering from alcoholism (with guidance from someone else)

and sometimes now – I find comfort in knowing EXACTLY what my day was going to look like (or at least what I had planned) at times there’s comfort in consistency

and some days I find freedom in being able to check in with myself (and my husband) and ask what direction do we want to point the day

for me, the important piece of all this is the “checking in with myself” first, so I’m not just robot going about the day and I’m not at the whim of whatever shows up without me having any intentions (which I’ve recently learned is different than expectations)