well this morning after i found my bench, started with a deep breath and a “thank you god for this gorgeous day”; a drone completely busted my serenity

it was over my head about 20 feet in the air, between the rurrring noise and the fact that i KNEW it was shooting video of me sitting on my bench and NOT the gorgeous sunrise, it wasn’t until I started writing that I realized the absurdity of my thinking

it landed, I wrote and then remembered one very important lesson is that I can start my day over at any point, so I drove out to kettle cove (another favorite, usually for sunsets though), found a bench and a view and started over

it was quite lovely, then

a real conversation with a friend and joining a gathering of women to share about this life we get to live and now I can go on about my day

grateful to be able to laugh at my absurd thinking and

thankful for knowing and practicing a reboot of a day can happen at any moment