a view from here in this recovery life today – sitting on a bench on the east end prom, reflecting on my yesterday and a moment of grace.

that brief instance when some thing, some one, some event steps in to redirect the path I’m headed down

yesterday morning i was busy hurting my own feelings.

(for those that know what this is knows how truly humbling it is when you start a “stephen king” type of story in your head and then start to generate sad/angry/lonely feelings about the story you’re telling yourself — not based in any reality, mind you)

at some point I took a breath and with that came the thought about a gathering of a group of women at noon that I “could” join if I was so inclined.

in that moment of grace I had a choice – join the women and experience some good feelings or continue down my stephen king story line and continue hurting myself with myself

i chose to dial in and felt a part of, grateful for the opportunity to see familiar faces and left with a new look on my day

thankful because 2 other conversations I had during the day needed me to really be present … not just physically, but emotionally and mentally and I was able to do that – ONLY because of that moment of grace

this morning’s view – spiritual balm for my heart


— Carolyn