The view from here …

Since I was up at 2:38 this morning, I got to my spot earlier than usual – about 20 minutes earlier.

As a 53 year old female, I’m no stranger to waking up in the wee hours having to get out of bed and not being able to get back to sleep.

But this morning … there was discussion in my head around launching the new youtube channel (with some videos).

It’s been months in the making and hundreds of conversations so it’s no surprise that I have some anxiety around sharing it with others now.

Building a place where we can amplify the stories of other people’s journeys feels like building a new guest room in our house, picking out the paint and the pictures wanting our guests to be comfortable.

Having other people now see it brings up fear of judgement and started me questioning whether I “painted” everything correctly.

Since we’ve been doing actual painting in our house, I’ve learned that those spots where the paint doesn’t quite stick to the wall is called a “holiday”.

This morning’s sunrise looked like there was holiday in the sky … way over to the left. The whole sky was just breathtaking but this one spot was so much paler the rest of it … like god had a “holiday” in the sunrise that was being painted this morning.

It made me smile when I saw it.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide space for people to share their own personal journey’s with recovering from addiction so that others can see that we can and do recover.

This morning it dawned on me (quite literally and figuratively) that it’s less about the paint and the pictures in the room and more about the stories being told and heard.