my backyard.

i bought my house in ’96 at 3 years sober >> from detox and inpatient treatment to halfway house to long term residential to an apartment to owning a home

i cried the day i moved in.

now 27ish years later, at times i sit out here and see things that need to be fixed and other times I’m so incredibly grateful for my homestead that none of that is visible

my husband mostly sees what’s in front of him – without judgment one way or another and I really love that about him

i recognize that just ‘being’, at times, is a challenge for me; just sitting and breathing

accepting this very moment as it is with everything in it

my friend Richard says he’s learned that he’s a human being and not a human doing and although I’ve known him for almost 30 years and thought i knew what that meant … i think I understand it better at this very moment

grateful to know today that I am a human being and not a human doing (for today)