This Recovery Life

We are fortunate to live during a time when there are many options for finding and sustaining lasting recovery from addiction. We are all individuals and while there are many aspects of our personal journeys that may be similar to those of others, we are each called to discover for ourselves what works and what doesn’t work for us. Recovery is a personal process and there is no right or wrong way to recover. We may find that certain modalities and methods help us at different times in the healing process. This is a beautiful thing. Journey’s Many Paths column shines a light on different approaches that people use to maintain lasting recovery without endorsing specific approaches or recovery programs. We ultimately leave it up to you, the reader, to decide what works best for you, while presenting you with multiple pathways to recovery.

This Recovery Life – Terry Brown

One unexpected aspect of my personal journey in recovery which has brought a series of pleasant surprises is the male bonding inherent in the process. When I first started going …

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This Recovery Life – Louis Grassi

Hi. I’m 32 and have lived in Maine all my life. I’m in recovery, and I’m proud of that. I had a wonderful childhood – my parents were generous and …

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This Recovery Life – Sarah Siegel

I grew up on a tiny island called Cliff, off the coast of Portland in Casco Bay. A great deal of my childhood was steeped in the magnificent beauty that …

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This Recovery Life – Elaine Lilley

What? Who said that? As I prepared to go out for an evening of dinner and drinks, I heard it. Soft and subtle, but not my own. You know that …

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IMAGINE: This morning you noticed that the sun is shining. It’s cold, sure, but the snow-covered landscape is hushed and lovely. Truly, why would anyone want to live anywhere but …

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