People Like Us Live Like This

Glenn Simpson

By the time Glenn Simpson awoke in a psych ward in Pennsylvania to a nurse putting an IV in his arm, he had lost track of a few fundamentals. He …

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Melissa Rivera

When Melissa Rivera quit drinking, she figured a line or two of cocaine every now and then wouldn’t hurt. Born in Topsham, Maine, to two alcoholic parents, the entrepreneur had …

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Jenne Joan Ferrare

  Jennie Joan Ferrare was on her way to a blackout when a most unusual thing happened: she saw herself drink, as if duplicated by magic, and understood with absolute …

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Colleen Francke and Her Salt Sisters

The idea came to Colleen Francke at one year sober: an oyster farm run by women in early recovery. Not just any farm though. “I wanted 10 acres and I …

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