Employment Recovery

We are fortunate to live during a time when there are many options for finding and sustaining lasting recovery from addiction. We are all individuals and while there are many aspects of our personal journeys that may be similar to those of others, we are each called to discover for ourselves what works and what doesn’t work for us. Recovery is a personal process and there is no right or wrong way to recover. We may find that certain modalities and methods help us at different times in the healing process. This is a beautiful thing. Journey’s Many Paths column shines a light on different approaches that people use to maintain lasting recovery without endorsing specific approaches or recovery programs. We ultimately leave it up to you, the reader, to decide what works best for you, while presenting you with multiple pathways to recovery.

Give the gift of truly seeing others

A friend recently mentioned how she’d done a project with our mutual friend Amy Wood, an executive coach and author of Life Your Way. This woman said how much she …

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Learn To Love Your Wobble

Go to where you could embarrass yourself, but without hurting yourself,” said Rebecca, the yoga instructor, as we moved into the yoga pose called Half Moon. She had just given …

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Making the Most of Get Well Job

Get Well Jobs can play an important role when you begin the recovery process and are in “starting life over” mode. A Get Well Job is any job that does …

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Acing Your Interview

Being a person in recovery means confronting the consequences of past mistakes, and this truth is never more evident than when it’s time to go back to work. Someone in …

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Identify Your Super Powers

One of the most common challenges I see job seekers and career changers struggle with is identifying their skills and abilities and figuring out how to translate them into a …

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Writing Your Resume

Getting back to work while in recovery can seem daunting. Many newly sober people have an extended gap in their employment history or multiple jobs in their past that they …

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