Agape “ah-gah-pay”
Written by Sarah Siegel

Ancient greek word meaning “the highest form of love”

Frustrated by the lack of accessible counseling services in 1998, Portland therapist Stephen Andrew founded Agape, a parent organization for three separate nonprofits: Inner Edge, The Men’s Resource Center of Southern Maine, and Dignity.

People can call for services such as: emergency housing, first month’s medication, bus passes, clinical care, peer support and more and receive help from one of the 3.

Inner Edge uses interns and purchases therapist’s time to give people in need access to free counseling.

The Men’s Resource Center of Southern Maine (MRC), whose mission is to support boys, men, and fathers and to oppose violence. MRC is based on volunteer peer-to-peer mentoring, especially when a man is struggling with violence.

Dignity focuses specifically on creating community awareness around overdose awareness and harm reduction, as well as offering emergency funds to those healing from addiction who are in need.

It is easy to see that Agape strives to live up to its name by continuously working to offer unbiased, compassionate and non judgmental care for those it serves.

For more information, contact Stephen Andrew at heti@gwi.net.

Sarah Siegel

Sarah Siegel

Sarah Siegel is a recovery coach at Crossroads as part of an innovative project with Portland Recovery Community Center. She has been in recovery from opioid use disorder and substance use disorder since 2007 and from working the sex industry since 2003. Today she is a mother, interfaith minister, meditation coach and writer.