journey team

We’re a group of passionate and optimistic ambassadors who want to make a difference in the world

journey team

Our core values are inclusivity and optimism!

Our mission is to make recovery from addiction visible & accessible!


we celebrated our first anniversary with local supporters on March 10, 2020 

Watch to hear a little about recovering out loud … 

we’re grateful for many who have spent time & energy helping co-create journey

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carolyn delaney, founder

Hi!  I’ve been in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction since February 12, 1993

After spending 20 years leading IT departments, making recovery from addiction visible became my passion & purpose

Using every technology resource available – our aim is to make recovery stories and solutions visible and accessible for anyone, anywhere 

We’re not affiliated with any treatment center, religious organization or recovery program

journey has had an amazing group of “hope ambassadors” – dozens over the past year with a strong desire to join our  mission to make a difference in the world by saying loud, clear, bold and repeated that we can & do recover

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mary atwood, organizational development

Mary Atwood started her journey of recovery from alcoholism in 2005. She has also recovered from food addiction, compulsive overeating and co-dependence.

With more than thirty years’ professional experience in leading teams, designing and developing learning solutions, group facilitation and project management, Mary keeps journey’s team meetings on task!

She is passionate about working one-on-one with others in recovery to provide support, direction and insights earned through her own experience.

She currently sits on the Crossroads Board of Directors.

brian delaney, photographer

Brian has been in recovery since 2000 and has spent over 20 years in web development. Brian’s passion for photography found a home when his wife (me) started a magazine.

Brian is masterful in capturing people’s essence and has been able to help journey bring the human back to the conversation about addiction.


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