Journey's team is made up of people in recovery or with really big hearts that care about getting a message of recovery out loud, clear and repeated!

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Launched in March 2019, Journey:

  • Is Maine's first independent printed magazine for the recovery community
  • Is created for people in recovery by people in recovery
  • Is not affiliated with any treatment program, religious organization, business or recovery program
  • Is not about any specific addiction

Our readers include:

  • People seeking recovery
  • People in recovery
  • People who love people who struggle with addiction
  • People who provide services to those who struggle
  • People who like reading positive articles

They find us because:

  • They subscribe online to get it mailed to them (people in over 20 states have signed up)
  • We distribute 10,000 copies from York to Bath, Maine with some additional distribution points in the North and West.
  • We’re in:
    • Over 30 Maine cities/towns
    • 500+ locations
  • They’ll pick us up in places like:
    • Large employer cafeterias
    • Medical Practices
    • Healthcare Facilities
    • Car Dealerships
    • Coffee shops
    • Public Libraries
    • Transportation Hubs
    • Universities & College Campuses
    • Food Co-ops & Grocery Stores
    • Laundromats
    • Variety stores
    • Nail salons
    • Prisons & jails
    • Sober Houses
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