shiny objects are irrelevant when you have a north star

this morning after finding my bench, looking straight out it was dark and foggy but to the right was a very large … “thing” with big bright fog lights on

i was distracted by the very large thing floating with big bright lights and started wondering what it was … it looked like a barge of some sort and then I started wondering about the google barge that I had read about and then wondered if they were doing data work again because of the new Roux Institute … and just as I started down the rabbit trail of thoughts that would ABSOLUTELY not lead me to a serene, contemplative space; I took a deep breath

and looked straight again – it was dark and foggy still but I knew that this dark and foggy and deep breathing would more likely actually lead me to the serene, contemplative space that I crave in the wee hours of the morning

and it did